Building Communities of Character

Building Communities of Character

Institute for Classical Education contributor Matthew Post recently wrote about America’s growing awareness of Critical Race Theory in public education.  His article outlines the trend to inculcate students with ideological theories and radical politics.  This trend aims to teach students to be suspicious of not only historical narratives but also their families and communities.  

To confront the promulgation of radical curriculum, Post suggests a switch. Rather than teach the principles to tear down, focus on the principles to build up. Aim for character education.  

Of course, character education seems like an obvious pursuit. But in many schools, the motivation does not get passed a few trite sayings, “Be your best self, Make good choices.” Character education requires a vision of the end goal, human flourishing. We can build upon that foundation; we can fill a child’s soul with the stories and experiences that lead toward that end.   

Post showcases the good work already out there. Communities are working together to make sure that today’s students learn how to act virtuously through life’s daily trials. The Institute for Classical Education is dedicated to reaching all communities interested in providing children with a rich, rigorous, and virtuous education.  

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