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Mark Bauerlein, Ph.D.
English Department
Emory University
Senior Editor, First Things

Gregory Roper, Ph.D.
English Department
University of Dallas

Jeffrey S. Lehman, Ph.D.
Education Department
Hillsdale College

Daniel T. Willingham, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
Director of Graduate Studies
University of Virginia

Matthew Post, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean of Braniff Graduate School
Director of Classical Education Graduate Program
University of Dallas

Virtue is the flagship publication of the Great Hearts Institute. It disseminates stories, ideas, research and experiences in classical education to readers across the nation, helping them pursue the classical ideals of truth, goodness, and beauty.

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New academies can only be created with substantial philanthropic investment:

At Great Hearts, we believe that a classical education is not only for the privileged few, but for every child, no matter their zip code. We invite you to help us bring a classical education to dozens of additional communities and thousands more children as we aim to bring a Great Hearts education to more than 50,000 students by 2025.

Grateful Hearts

We are honored to partner with a wide range of generous corporations, foundations,

and individual donors in bringing the Great Hearts experience to as many children as possible.

There is no greater social investment than education

New academies can only be created with substantial philanthropic investment. We long to open more school doors to cultivate the hearts and minds of students to pursue Truth, Goodness and Beauty. Please join us in this moral imperative for our country.

Great Hearts provides donors an opportunity to shape a generation of hearts and minds.