Jeffrey S. Lehman, Ph.D.

Dr. Jeffrey Lehman, identifies Augustine as one of his favorite authors, because Augustine “focuses upon the most important things for our journey in this life—pursuing the truth and embracing love.” And Lehman believes that the liberal arts help students to approach those most important things.

Lehman heard about Hillsdale years ago, when he attended several CCAs and talked to friends who worked at Hillsdale, including Dr. Stephen Smith of the English Department. When he heard about an education position opening up, it “seemed like a good fit, given my experience teaching the liberal arts and my commitment to classical education through the great books.” Upon being hired to teach at Hillsdale, Lehman, his wife Jennifer, and their four children packed up and moved from southern California—where he had taught at both Biola University and Thomas Aquinas College—to Michigan. While some pity him for leaving California for the Midwest, Lehman says, “I love the seasons and I love the way Midwesterners approach life—it is very personal, very family-oriented.”

This semester, Lehman is teaching three courses. He coordinates the Education Department’s liberal arts teacher apprenticeship program, in which Hillsdale students observe and teach classes at Hillsdale Academy or at other classical schools around the country. He is also teaching “Logic and Rhetoric” and “Quadrivium,” a course on the role of arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy in a liberal education. He wants to teach his students the foundational role of these classical liberal arts and how they are the starting point for a liberal education. But, as he is the first to admit, “they are just the beginning.”


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