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Get a handle on anger (reposting)

“Something happens and you take it personally and get upset; something happens, you don’t take it personally and you don’t get upset. That’s 25 years worth of therapy in a sentence.”

That one liner might be worth its weight in counseling fees, and you can hear it in the middle of the interview between psychologist Dr. David Lieberman (author of Never Get Angry Again) and podcaster Brett McKay (of AOM and The Strenuous Life). The exchange is insightful, for those of us who could use a little more self-reflection on that very natural tendency of wrath.

In any case, I’ve been pleased to see a host of authors and thinkers on McKay’s podcast, which, quite honestly, caught me by surprise when I stumbled upon McKay’s outline of classical rhetoric. To my delight, I discovered a treasure trove of interviews with so many wonderful contemporary thinkers–e.g., Daniel Pink, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, B.J. Fogg, Mike Rowe et al. And, the interview format is totally accessible.

Hope you enjoy!

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