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History and Biography

On this 9/11 anniversary, a contemporary American poet points to the paradox of anguish-filled hope, which draws us beyond ourselves

August 30, 1967: The Senate confirmed Thurgood Marshall to SCOTUS. He would serve as a tireless civil rights warrior, valiantly defending that essential American proposition that all men are created equal.

Although she’s often overshadowed by her husband, Frederick Douglass, Anna made his work possible

The Battle of the Frontiers, fought at the outset of World War I, doesn’t have the same historical notoriety as Verdun or Somme, but it saw in one day more French soldiers die than in any other day in history.

The crisis in democracy: articles by Anne Applebaum, Stephen Breyer, Jeff Rosen, David Frum, Amy Chua, and others. Plus the price of sports protests, what getting shot taught Elaina Plott about American politics, the brutal truth about climate change, why #brands are not our friends, James Parker on Rick and Morty, and more.

Fortunately, classical education informs and enriches “Obtuse Moderns” by integrating history throughout the curriculum.

Now that’s the way to do it—a blast from the (scary) past US National Archives.

The Great American Pastime has a story to tell The Gilder Lehrman Collection

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