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Philosophy and Politics

Everyone uses the word “leadership,” but there’s no gimmick to the real thing

Calm, purposeful classrooms provide opportunities to enjoy the exploration and discovery of knowledge. Mindfulness activities can prepare the individual to attend to such delights

I spent a lot of time in therapy as a kid, for depression, among other things. On and off until I graduated high school, I’d “hang out” in the doctor’s office, playing Connect Four before begrudgingly consenting to more intense discussions. The effect of these sessions was undoubtedly helpful for me.

John Witkowski was trying to make some progress on a work project one day this summer when he fired off more than two dozen emails. The 30-year-old tax accountant from Cleveland ended each message with: “Thanks in advance for your help with this project.”

If you remember anything from high school science, you may remember something of Marie Curie. She was a pioneer in chemistry and physics, and the only person ever to be awarded Nobel Prizes in both.

The crisis in democracy: articles by Anne Applebaum, Stephen Breyer, Jeff Rosen, David Frum, Amy Chua, and others. Plus the price of sports protests, what getting shot taught Elaina Plott about American politics, the brutal truth about climate change, why #brands are not our friends, James Parker on Rick and Morty, and more.

Was the past good or bad? Are we on the right track or the wrong one? Is life getting better or worse? These questions are easy to ask—pollsters and politicians love asking them—but surprisingly hard to answer.

Good reminder and a good word for ‘content forward‘ schools like Great Hearts Academies and Success Academy, as well as organizations like StandardsWork and Core Knowledge Foundation.

Looking for a little mind-bending thought? Take a look at Benoit Mandelbrot’s “Fractals and the art of roughness”

For those of us working to promote human flourishing, the American Enterprise Institute’s “The Pursuit” provides some deep insights from the world’s longest-standing traditions.

She said, she said…competing pollsters provide a play by play podcast from the mid-term election.

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