Proof of concept (reposting)

On Thursday, we strive to focus this blog on the lovely intersection of mathematics and music, where the theory of arithmetic finds application in harmonic composition 

Today, we’ll draw your attention to some remarks from Jake Tawney, a long-time teacher and teacher trainer, at Great Hearts Academies. In his recent essay for VIRTUE, Mr. Tawney highlights the power of proof at the heart of mathematical practice. 

 A proof is a movement of logic that unfolds as a narrative. It is incumbent upon the mathematician not only to know the truth, but also to communicate the truth to an audience. Therefore, the very act of proof writing is also an act of rhetoric. 

So, it turns out, the liberal arts are intimately tied to one another. And, “proof writing” is simply the rhetorical act of a mathematical mind in action. 

For more of Mr. Tawney’s essay, take a look at VIRTUE #5. And, to learn more about the mathematical mind at work, see an excerpt from Mr. Tawney’s talk to new teachers—including some very impressive juggling! 



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