Recovering the craft of K-12 classical, by Dr. Brian Williams (guest contributor)

Today we’ll ‘review the tape’ with an interview conducted in February 2019 at the inaugural National Classical Education Symposium, hosted at ASU Law School in Phoenix. Our interlocutor was Dr. Brian Williams, Dean of the Templeton Honors College (Philadelphia, PA) and Fellow of the Institute for Classical Education.

Dr. Williams studied and taught at the University of Oxford, where he also directed “Oxford Conversations,” a series of video-interviews with leading Christian scholars at Oxford. In this video, we had the opportunity to interview the interviewer and explore his thinking on the craft of teaching.

In the course of conversation, Dr. Williams described the form and shape of a craft-centered approach to teacher training for K-12 classical that is at the heart of the master’s degree from the Templeton Honors College. Emphasizing the craft of teaching, Williams believes that the classical model of education is here to stay, as it is embodied in the thoughtful intelligence of classically educated young people: a “winsome” generation.

Take a peek and let us know if you have questions about the Templeton Honors MAT or any of Dr. Williams’s projects, including his continued service as a Fellow of the Institute for Classical Education


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