Resources for Rhetorical Engagement

Resources for Rhetorical Engagement

Intelligence Squared

With so much information and so many different news sources, and with the politicization of almost every issue, it can be hard to know who to trust, or where to find good faith debates. Look no further than Intelligence Squared, which allows you to “eavesdrop on the brightest minds in journalism today, discussing topics ranging from domestic and foreign policy to cultural trends and technological innovations.” Download the podcast, or check out the website for in person events.


The American Rhetoric Speech Bank

The American Rhetoric Speech Bank is a wonderful and wide-ranging resource. It includes both audio, video, and text versions of over 5,000 speeches from pivotal moments in American history. There are also scholarly resources on the history of rhetoric, as well as a fun quiz to test your knowledge and links to famous movie speeches.


Braver Angels

As Jonathan Rauch puts it in his interview, Braver Angels is “a national grassroots depolarizing movement that conducts workshops between people across political lines.” In particular, Braver Angels Debates gathers people of opposing viewpoints to discuss issues in parliamentary fashion. You can use their website to find local debates, as well as become a member and volunteer to help facilitate events in your area.


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