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hilary hahn

The Beautiful and Unpredictable (reposting)

Hilary Hahn is a classical musician, particularly specializing in violin. She is a soloist who plays music composed by Mendelssohn, Bach, Beethoven, Paganini and many more. She once stated on Violinist about classical music that,

“It will be what it will be. Its composers will write what they will write. It does not need to cater to us any more. By now, it is greater than the sum of our human contributions, and that is terrific! Despite this, it humors us. It lets us practice and theorize; it enriches our commutes and our evenings in and our evenings out; it runs through our heads taunting us; it brings infamy to its creators and challenges to its interpreters; it teases us, amuses us, makes statements, and generally does its own thing while allowing listeners and performers to see themselves in it. All the while, classical music – this messy, brilliant, ever-evolving giant of a genre – encompasses a uniqueness that we hope to retain. It is beautiful, and it is unpredictable.”

Let us then be amazed by her prowess as a violin player, experience her beautiful music and perhaps encounter the unpredictable. Here is a video of her playing Violin Concerto in d minor by Jean Sibelius.



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