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The Institute

Over the past two decades, classical education has enjoyed a rebirth in this country, under the influence of educators and families who have sought better education for their students and children. In many cases, entire communities have rediscovered a hidden treasure from the not-too-distant past: a form of schooling that shaped generations of children prior to the 20th century.

Today, a growing movement of classical schools, both public (charter) and private, are serving students from all socio-economic backgrounds. Most importantly, classical education takes a unifying approach to intellectual and moral formation by developing both the mind and the heart.

Through the study of languages, the sciences, history, mathematics, literature, and fine arts, classical education helps students recover a sense of wonder in their search for knowledge, alongside a deeper purpose—namely, the pursuit of wisdom.

Drawing upon nearly two decades of experience at Great Hearts combined with a national network of classical providers, the Institute produces scholarship, research, publications, and training needed to expand the reach and deepen the understanding of classical education in America.

We hope you will join our network of families, teachers, school leaders, scholars, and philanthropists who have enthusiastically embraced classical education for themselves.

To start, please subscribe to VIRTUE, our no-cost periodical which will inform you of what’s happening in the wonder-filled world of classical education. To continue, dive deeper by registering for our annual symposium where you can hear about the developments in classical education through the voices of industry experts. Finally, the Institute provides everything from daily blogs to scholarly publications, all to inform you of what’s happening in the wonder-filled world of classical education.


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