Rooted in centuries of classical wisdom and decades of practical experience, APEX is a school leadership program designed to give you the skills you need to lead a virtue-centered learning community.

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  • APEX is the only online program designed specifically for classical school leaders.
  • APEX integrates management principles with a virtue-focused, Aristotelian-inspired curriculum.
  • APEX courses, designed with busy professionals in mind, include readings, online seminars, one-on-one mentorship opportunities, and a unique case-study approach to learning.

What will you gain?

  • The fundamentals of school governance, from strategic marketing, to enrollment, hiring, and community relations.
  • The ability to build and nurture a classical, virtue-centered school culture.
  • A deeper understanding of the classical tradition.
  • Access to an experienced mentor, and to a whole network of classical school leaders and administrators.

Who is APEX for?

  • Teachers who aspire to become school leaders.
  • Current leaders or administrators who want to advance their careers.
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Join the October, 2021 Cohort

Course I

Mastering Fundamental Leadership Challenges

October 2021

In this course, you will master a set of fundamental leadership skills through the analysis of a Case Study written specifically for APEX. You will learn how to build a leadership team, guide faculty, and inspire parents and students, while at the same time cultivating a classically-focused school culture, centered on Aristotelian virtues.

Course II

The Nuts and Bolts of Managing a School

February 2022

In this course, you will acquire the managerial skills necessary to run a school—budgeting, scheduling, facilities, running meetings, communicating to parents, teachers, and students, and so on. Unlike other school leadership programs, we integrate the practical challenges of managing a school within the practices of nurturing a positive, virtue-centered school culture.

Course III

Strategic Thinking for School Leaders

June 2022

Course Three prepares you to deal with the dynamic and often undefined challenges of strategic school leadership. Topics include strategic marketing, school governance, enrollment, hiring, community relations, and the goals of education in contemporary life.

Course IV

Leading Your First School

October 2022

Course Four prepares you to lead your first school. You will develop a portfolio of tools, with the plans and procedures to set up, build, and nurture a classical, virtue-centered school culture.

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