Video interview with “Professor Carol” (February 2019)

As we review the tape from our inaugural National Classical Education Symposium (2019), it’s a pleasure to see some of the new friends we have made from across the university and across the country.

Today’s video-interview is with Dr. Carol Reynolds, a.k.a. “Professor Carol,” whose career at Southern Methodist University (SMU) began from very modest roots in Roanoke, VA: “I came up with hillbilly music on the back porch with my mother listening to the Texaco Metropolitan Radio Broadcast while we ironed on Saturdays in the kitchen. But, that was enough.”

Two decades later she would venture into the (former) Soviet Union to write her dissertation and begin a personal odyssey that would land her in Dallas as a professor of music history. Following her tenure at SMU, Carol’s ‘educational encore’ is as an author of homeschooling curricula and an expert travel guide with the Smithsonian Institute. 

Today Carol can be found touring beautiful places across the globe, providing the most stimulating commentary on the history and development of the fine arts, with special emphasis on her first love: music. 

Professor Carol continues to offer her wisdom to thousands across the country–and across the globe. Her email list comes highly recommended, but it’s always better to get her in person. So, enjoy the interview, and let us know if you have questions for Carol.

Note: Dr. Reynolds serves as an Academic Advisor to the Institute for Classical Education, for which we are truly thankful. 


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