Video-lecture by Dr. Michael Poliakoff (March 2020)

We at the Institute for Classical Education are pleased to collaborate with other institutions devoted to the propagation of classical liberal education. One such institution is the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, led by Dr. Michael Poliakoff. Administrator by day and professor by night, Dr. Poliakoff is a historian of antiquity who continues to teach courses at George Mason University. 

When Dr. Poliakoff joined us at Symposium 2020, he provided a litany of concerns pertaining to the current state of civic education in colleges and universities across the country with the challenge to citizens, policy makers, and leaders to address the problem with direct action:  clear requirements for universities, not vague statements; required course(s); and parents helping their children to choose wisely. Below is the video of his presentation.

ACTA has generously made its reports available to the public. The most recent publication is “Ten Things Everyone Should Know About American History,” by historian Allen Guelzo, with a foreword by Wilfred McClay [also at the Symposium]. If you are interested, Dr. Poliakoff has assured me that Symposium participants can request a lovely hardcopy by simply contacting ACTA.

We are thankful for the continued partnership with ACTA, and hope you will enjoy Dr. Poliakoff’s remarks.


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