Western Civ, lost and found

In early March, we were fortunate to hear from Dr. Stanely Kurtz of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, whose most recent book was just released this year. The Lost History of Western Civilization (NAS) is a scholarly review of American college curricula and libraries that decisively demonstrates that Western civilization had been a cornerstone of this country’s post-secondary education for centuries.

As Kurtz explains, a radical, politically-motivated thesis has been propagated throughout higher education for more than three decades. While that deconstructive theory has taken a serious toll on the teaching of history and politics across all grades (K-12 + post-secondary), for Kurtz there is time to recover what’s been lost–if we reclaim a thorough, trustworthy understanding of Western civilization. 

Kurtz’s proposed response to this decades-long trend is noteworthy. Indeed, historian Wilfred McClay believes that Kurtz “offers a way back from our errors, toward a more conscious reappropriation of a rich and complex heritage that is the source of so much that we prize about our way of life—including even our penchant for self-examination and self-criticism.”

Take a look at Kurtz’s lecture, and let us know what you think in the comments below.


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