Writing history as a discipline (reposting)

Rob Jackson
Director, Institute for Classical Education

One month ago, we gathered in Phoenix for the 2nd annual National Classical Education Symposium, where we explored “The Historian’s Craft and the Art of Teaching History.” One of our informants, Dr. Wilfred McClay, was delighted by the conversation we hosted and the colleagues we invited. McClay’s new book, Land of Hope, was the general topic for his talk, as he shared with us the historian’s perspective on writing history–a discipline that unites the science of historical observations with the art of story-telling.

Today we are launching the first of more than two dozen videos from Symposium 2020, interspersed with some from Symposium 2019 (with its topic of literature and the pedagogy of seminars). So, today we will begin with McClay’s lecture.

Going forward, on successive Tuesdays and Thursdays, we will post the Symposium’s scholarly presentations alternating with personal interviews conducted at the Symposium. These will be available on the Institute’s website, which now includes a budding blog with yours truly–and with future contributors to be found across the Institute’s network.

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